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Executive Coach, Trusted Advisor, Facilitator

Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

Sheldon Romer

Leaders at some of the country’s most respected companies and non-profits turn to Sheldon Romer to help guide their organizations in transformative directions. With an extraordinary capacity for deep listening — one leader refers to him as “the poster child for listening” — building trust, and convening conversations that matter, Sheldon has been instrumental in creating powerful cultures in organizations across the country.

Sheldon spent 24 years as the co-founder and CEO of Rudi’s Organic Bakery, a preeminent organic bread bakery. That rewarding experience inspired Sheldon to pivot his life’s work towards strengthening other healthy organizations through coaching, consulting, team-building and becoming a trusted advisor. 

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On the Get Real Podcast, leadership coach and consultant Sheldon Romer shares his advice on transforming company culture and building connections. Sheldon shares that the best part of his industry is making an impact by transforming people’s lives, and showing organizations of all sizes that “it’s possible to do work and have a good time.” To hear more about Sheldon’s experience, check out the full episode. 

Leading Through the Pandemic: Six Practices For Better Engagement

More than a year ago COVID forced us to burrow into our homes. For many, that meant radically novel work environments: Zoom meetings, kitchen table desks, commutes counted in steps rather than miles.

As we emerge from our dens and tip-toe our way back into the office, we will encounter workplaces in the midst of radical evolution. Among many other things, my client’s observation reveals that our muscle memory for simple workplace socialization and collaboration has grown weak, with so many months of toiling remotely and alone.

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P.S. — Note Bad COVID Habits

We humans are an especially adaptable species. Some of us adapted to living above the Arctic Circle, for generations. Others spend their lives in jungle villages, or urban downtowns with far more concrete and asphalt than nature. After a year of COVID, many of us have adapted to a new workplace normal, one that merges

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Brighter Days Ahead

With so many Americans now finally vaccinated, there is light at the end of this dark tunnel. Unfortunately, we still don’t grasp the tunnel’s length. We will emerge this year into a new world. Much will seem familiar, but the landscape also will include changes from the pre-COVID environment.  We turn to leaders of all

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How May I help you?

Organizations worldwide today face unprecedented uncertainty. Positive, purposeful leadership has never been more necessary.

With his wealth of experience as both an entrepreneur who built a powerful brand and a highly respected coach and trusted advisor, Sheldon is uniquely positioned to help leaders thrive as the ground shifts beneath their feet.

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Team Development

Trusted Advisor

What my clients have to Say

Shandra M. Brown Levey, PhD, LP

Sheldon has a way of quickly getting straight to the heart of a matter and saying exactly what you need to hear to make meaningful change and move forward on the path to improvement.

I recommend a notebook when working with him so you can write down his sage advice as it will continue to reveal truths as you reflect over time. Time with Sheldon pays dividends personally and professionally.

He is truly gifted and he is a gift. I’m very grateful for his guidance.

Elana Rosenfeld

I met Sheldon over 10 years ago as part of the Authentic Leadership program at Naropa. 

I knew right away that he was a person I wanted to learn from and work with. 

Sheldon has worked with myself and our core coffee team as a personal coach and facilitator of leadership and culture workshops.  

We wake up & kick ass with purpose every day, thanks in part to Sheldon’s wisdom, insight, knowledge and experience. 

Thank you Sheldon!

Milton Hime

Sheldon was insightful in identifying our biggest issues to fix, while helping us realize that we are doing most things right and to not be so hard on ourselves. Since then, we have continued with various strategy and coaching lessons over the past year. We will continue to work with Sheldon.

He truly listens, and is both insightful and intuitive, and asks the right questions. He is a nice guy, but does not let you off the hook. He reminds you that you would not be doing this if you were not already successful. We are – I am – learning to work “on” the business and not just “in” the business.

All of Sheldon’s work hinges on trust. With trust comes a key step towards powerful change — the development of safe spaces for honest, meaningful conversation.

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