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Sheldon Romer

Leaders at some of the country’s most respected companies and non-profits turn to Sheldon Romer to help guide their organizations in transformative directions. With an extraordinary capacity for deep listening — one leader refers to him as “the poster child for listening” — building trust, and convening conversations that matter, Sheldon has been instrumental in creating powerful cultures in organizations across the country.

Sheldon spent 24 years as the co-founder and CEO of Rudi’s Organic Bakery, a preeminent organic bread bakery. That rewarding experience inspired Sheldon to pivot his life’s work towards strengthening other healthy organizations through coaching, consulting, team-building and becoming a trusted advisor. 

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Grappling with challenges as an entrepreneur revealed to Sheldon what works — and doesn’t — for success. Now, he brings those lessons to other organizations, showing executives not only how to learn from mistakes, but how to discover and apply ways to improve.

Sheldon believes institutional vigor rests on a foundation of three pillars, all of which complement one another.


Do leaders have the courage to look at themselves in the mirror? Do they have the capacity to find their weak spots and address them?


How do leaders show up? Do they understand and practice skillful communications? Do their interactions build trust and credibility? Do they put people first?

Wise, effective action.

Results matter. Without positive results, self-awareness and engagement take place in a vacuum.

All of Sheldon’s work hinges on trust.

With trust comes a key step towards powerful change — the development of safe spaces for honest, meaningful conversation.

Trust and safety invite leaders to recognize and confront their vulnerabilities. Importantly, Sheldon’s work helps reframe those vulnerabilities in such a way that they turn into potent tools for self and organizational advancement.

Through frank and compassionate conversations, Sheldon has a unique ability to connect disparate and far-ranging leadership and organizational challenges. He uses those connections to build meaningful road maps that offer concrete ways for people to find their true voices and steer their organizations towards consequential achievements.

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