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Leading Through the Pandemic: Six Practices For Better Engagement

More than a year ago COVID forced us to burrow into our homes. For many, that meant radically novel work environments: Zoom meetings, kitchen table desks, commutes counted in steps rather than miles.

As we emerge from our dens and tip-toe our way back into the office, we will encounter workplaces in the midst of radical evolution. Among many other things, my client’s observation reveals that our muscle memory for simple workplace socialization and collaboration has grown weak, with so many months of toiling remotely and alone.

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P.S. — Note Bad COVID Habits

We humans are an especially adaptable species. Some of us adapted to living above the Arctic Circle, for generations. Others spend their lives in jungle villages, or urban downtowns with far more concrete and asphalt than nature. After a year of COVID, many of us have adapted to a new workplace normal, one that merges

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Brighter Days Ahead

With so many Americans now finally vaccinated, there is light at the end of this dark tunnel. Unfortunately, we still don’t grasp the tunnel’s length. We will emerge this year into a new world. Much will seem familiar, but the landscape also will include changes from the pre-COVID environment.  We turn to leaders of all

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A paralyzing, anxiety-charged experience: waiting for results after a medical test. In the absence of information, people tend to plunge towards bad places. Reliable information, on the other hand, dampens and in many cases eliminates anxiety. People now are information-starved about their workplaces. They hop on Zoom calls, and exchange texts and emails, but it’s

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Build Trust

Among other things, the Year of COVID hatched quite a lot of distrust. People lost trust in politics, medicine, government, employers and much more. The erosion of trust is bad news for leaders. Of all of the foundations upon which strong leadership depends, trust is the most important. The spine.  The pandemic and its aftermath

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Seek Support

Leaders often feel alone. Responsibility for connecting, communicating and much more rests with added weight on their shoulders. They often don’t have colleagues with whom they can share their challenges and struggles. I have found that one of the most important aspects of strong leadership is being OK with uncertainty. Lack of clarity is common

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