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Communicate, communicate, communicate

In fact, over-communicate. 

We aren’t connected in the same manner as pre-COVID. Those bonds, often borne out of physical proximity in offices, were powerful communication vectors. Messages would get filtered down from leadership about new initiatives. People would talk about them in lunch breaks and meetings, during chance encounters in hallways. Messages spread quickly and got repeated often. 

COVID degraded those once-trusty channels. As the virus recedes, some ad-hoc communication practices hatched during the pandemic might remain relevant. One of them, in my opinion, is the pressure among leaders to press their case with upped repetition and patience. 

Leaders make decisions every day that impact multiple people, sometimes entire organizations. COVID compelled savvy leaders to repeat their messages and announcements over and over again. Eventually, they sank in. 

It was one of COVID’s more sanguine consequences. Good leaders never assume they are being heard.

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